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100% success rate in official exams

We pride ourselves on having a 100% success rate for all our students in the Lebanese Baccalaureate Official Exams in Grades 9 and 12. This is due to our exceptional teachers and students, and our dedication to instilling in our students healthy study habits, rigorous academic preparation in school, and applying all of the most up to date teaching methods to ensure their success.

Our students are also often recipients of merit-based scholarships to local and international universities, which is also an indicator of our exceptional academic standards.

We are a private, Beirut international school in Lebanon. We love children. We love family. We love learning. We love growing.

Our passion is being able to provide the best education in Lebanon that a child can receive. We educate children of all economic and cultural backgrounds, because we believe education is a right, not a privilege. Our Kafarshima school is open to children of expats, as well as locals, refugees and other residents.

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Our Arabic and English-school programming includes the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), the American Program and the Lebanese Baccalaureate. However, only the latter is provided in Arabic. We also have an early childhood education program for younger learners, and provide support for those struggling in either Arabic or English. Our special needs program is also available for those with learning difficulties.

Our school is run by a team of educational experts focused on providing a caring environment where children can flourish, not just learn. Our curriculum is based on world-class standards, and has been evolving since we opened in the early 1970s.

We believe our quality instruction makes us one of the best schools in Lebanon that a student can attend. We continuously train our teachers, and improve our teaching materials and methods. For example, we were the first school in the Middle East to implement an iTunes U program, where all students received iPads. We were also pioneers in bringing the IBDP to Lebanon.

The results of our efforts have seen many of our high school graduates go on to attend some of the topmost ranked universities around the world. We also boast a 100% success rate for the Lebanese Baccalaureate exams.

In addition to being the best school in Beirut that we can be, our extracurricular activities bring students out into the world to learn about athletics, community service, arts and music, technology, and other interests they may have.

Being a Choueifat-area school in Beirut, Lebanon, we are close to a populous region in the country, while not being too close to the bustle of the big city. This is yet another benefit parents find with our campus when looking for a school for their children.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss enrolling your child in any of our programs today! Or, apply today!